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I'm finally putting together a new blog, after losing interest in writing code related how-to's. This new project is going to be something quite different. It's still taking shape, and the site is literally just a placeholder for now, so I probably shouldn't even link to it yet…? Building in public.


Images link to live deployments.

Link to Writistry app in a new tab; social blogging with markdown. Features an anguled sharpened pencil, ready to write.


Social blogging with Markdown support. Save your favorite community posts to your reading list.

MERN, Redux, Markdown - Repository

Link to Cart Me app in new tab; figural line-drawing of an orange shopping cart.


A MERN stack ecommerce app to shop, leave reviews and checkout with the PayPal Developers API.

MERN, Redux, APIs - Repository

Emoji Runner with an emoji character.

Emoji Runner Lite

A desktop twist on the classic runner game with score tracking. Original game linked on landing page.

P5JS, Express & MySQL - Repository

Covid-19 Tracker

Covid-19 Tracker

Interactive map, statistics, news and resources. Includes local center testing information.

jQuery, Mapbox, APIs - Repository